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A conversation I had today with a friend sparked this post. We were talking about #menopause , my friend is 48 so is definitely in the #perimenopausal age bracket , and she was talking about symptoms she was starting to identify. The idea that it could be due to menopause was lurking somewhere in the background , but she was in denial that she could be peri menopausal.

Such is the “stigma” surrounding the word menopause, and the images that it brings up , it causes people to ignore the symptoms , burying their head under a hat instead thinking it will just pass in a few weeks / months !

The reality is as we age we end up with hormonal deficiencies which can affect us in differing ways & severity.

By acknowledging you are starting to go through menopause does not mean that you suddenly turn into an old woman who’s life is coming to an end. It is the opposite. It is the start of a new phase in our lives , one which we need to embrace and look to with positivity . It does not mean “putting up” with hot flushes , anxiety, depression and all the other symptoms that can start as our hormones change , it is about arming ourselves with the best information so that we can balance our hormones with what we need as an individual whether that is HRT, nutritional & lifestyle changes , alternative therapies . Whatever is the way that suits us and out needs to enable us to keep our vitality and vibrancy during this phase in our life.

Looking forward to sharing more after the summer, about changes we can make using tools such as yoga , nutrition & training can help us to enjoy this wonderful phase of our lives .


~My go to sources of factual information especially on HRT and other menopause myths : @menopause_doctor


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