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Strength and movement is so important for our day to day lives.  Going to the gym and lifting weights is not only for men in gyms which is the stereotypical thought when we think about strength training and muscle. 

The main function of muscle goes way beyond movement, it is the foundation of metabolism, and our suit of amour. if our muscles are healthy we live better.  It is often said that muscle holds the key to longevity. 

One of the barriers is not knowing what to do and that is where a trainer comes in .  I will work with you to ensure the training you do is what your body needs and is capable of.  No two training programs are the same as everyone is different, their bodies have different histories, injuries and movement patterns. 

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Work with Me

We all know we should do some exercise, but it can be hard to know what to do and to keep consistency. That is where I come in. I bring 20 years of experience as a Trainer, to ensure you have an integrated approach to your Health and Wellbeing and we keep our Four Foundations strong  

Working with me we will ensure you train correctly for your body, and with weights that are suitable for you. 

Whether you train in the gym or at home I can provide you with an easy to follow training program.

This program will be changed monthly , and there will be weekly check ins to keep you accountable.


Monthly training plans start at €40, book a call to chat more.  


How to train with me
In-Studio or via App

You may want a trainer with you every time you train, or you might just want the accountability and someone to plan your programs - there are options for both . 

Training Options

  • 1hr Gym Session  €40

( Currently no availability for in person client in Jan 24 - but sign up to be notified when space is available

  • Online Training via App 

    • Consultation call to discuss 

    • Individual monthly training plan delivered via App for you to follow each month.

    • With weekly check ins and accountability.

    • A new plan each month.

    • Habit tracker to help consistency 

    • Progress tracker 

    • Support and community 

    • Option to include nutritional consult and support. 

    • Price starts from  at €40 

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Importance of Training as we Age

Age is not a barrier to training. The vast majority of Fit2loveLife clients are between 40-83.  As we age it is even more important to keep our bodies strong and supple.  


We start losing muscle in our 30s, and as well as getting weaker, our mobility decreases and risk of falls increases. Ensuring we keep them moving and stretched. Maintaining our muscle mass, keeping our core strong, our balance and moving our joints are crucial to ensure we can move well as we age. 

Muscle helps with longevity, keeps us strong, reduces injury. Muscle is medicine and it is so important for our health that we keep it as we age. 

It is never too late to start training, whether you are 30, 50 or 80 years old you can benefit from a regular training program.

“My journey with Ann has been brilliant and she is fantastic in working with my needs - combining the right amount of cardio, strength training, mobility and stretching. That is why she has been working with me for over 7 years. Ann truly understands what is necessary to help me meet my goals to enjoy life. 


She has been very good at developing and executing a training regime that works towards my specific targets which we adapt as necessary throughout the year. Her expertise across the whole range of sports training, yoga, nutrition and fitness life coaching is exceptional and gives me the confidence that I am being coached and trained by a true professional.


She is always at hand for training and nutrition advice when needed and is really good in making me feel motivated and ready for the challenges of life.."

Sofia Peel

"Training with Ann has vastly improved my wellbeing, fitness, strength and balance, and as a bonus l have toned up and lost 10kg. Never felt better!"

Avril Patchett (76) 

"Christopher and I started circuit training classes during lockdown from our home in Luxembourg, via zoom with Ann, as new had both recently had surgery (Christopher hip replacement and me knee replacement) and wanted to regain mobility as quickly as possible. Her knowledge and encouragement have made a huge difference, and both our surgeons and physio are thrilled with our progress. I can highly recommend both her circuit and yoga classes for all ages and genders. And if you cant get to Burgau you can do classes from the comfort of your own home. No travelling and in the current climate covid safe. High recommended and it gives me a twice weekly Burgau fix! "

Leonnie Jenner - Lux & PT
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