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Fit2loveLife is about embracing a healthy lifestyle.

I want you to feel great, be strong, embrace your body and learn to nourish it with the right foods. Most importantly it’s about having fun and enjoying life. Looking after our Health and Wellbeing. 

When it comes to Nutrition, I often use the analogy of an F1 Car, our bodies are high performance machines, so we need to treat them as such. 

An F1 car wouldn’t use cheap petrol as this would just make it cough and splutter and not run correctly, it needs high grade fuel to ensure all the working parts perform to their best..  This is is the same as our bodies with food.  We need to provide it with the best quality, with the right nutritional mix so that we can perform to our maximum potential and to feel awesome. 

For us, our fuel is nutrition – the food and drink we put into our bodies to give us energy. If we don’t fuel with the best, nutritionally rich foods, we will feel sluggish, whereas if we put in good, healthy foods, we are going to work well, be on top of our game and feel good.


How to Eat2loveLife


Filling your plate with lots of colourful fruit & vegetables. Vegetables should be at the centre of our meals - they give us vitality and are essential for our health and longevity.

Nutrient Dense

Eating foods that are full of goodness, and limiting those foods that are over processed and with a low nutritional content.


Creating a way to eat that you enjoy, so you do not feel that you are "on a diet" so it becomes the way you eat for life.

No fads

Avoiding quick fixes and the latest fads. These may work in the very short term, but long term deliver disappointment.


"Eat2loveLife enabling you to feel full of energy, nourished and vibrant"

Healthy Food


Quite often when we talk about nutrition in health terms, we talk about diets. The word ‘diet’ can have negative connotations for people, it can imply ‘restrictions’ or ‘excluding’ foods we deem to be unhealthy or high in calories because we are trying to lose weight. We rarely look at nutrition and the relevance of this in our diet - making sure that we are making our bodies as healthy as they can be so that we have energy, we feel good and we are fuelled for whatever it is that we need our bodies to do. We need the right nutrition so that we can make our bodies reach the maximum of their abilities.

The reality is, we need to have a balanced diet and one that is sustainable and fits in to our daily lives and schedules. There are so many quick fixes available nowadays - we go on a 6 week plan and lose weight or inches but invariably, we will put this weight back on. If you are a person who has gone on one of these types of diets, you have probably been on about twenty of them and you cycle through them but the outcome generally never changes.

Food for a lot of people is a very psychological thing – comfort, stress, social situations, reward – there is so much we link food to. We often find ourselves in social situations where there seems to be so much emphasis on food or drink when the reality is, food isn’t the variable that should affect the overall outcome of that situation – it should be the fact we are out with friends or family and enjoying ourselves.

We all to often use food as a reward or a treat for once we have been at the gym or gone for a long walk, and often these treats have more calories than we would have burnt off during exercise.

I believe that nutrition is about going back to basics and making sure you have an inclusive and varied ‘diet’. I think we need to change our mindset about food and understand that to effectively fuel our bodies, we deserve to give them delicious, nutritious food.

Online or In Person

If you would like support with your nutrition and would like to talk about how you can adopt a better, healthier relationship with food, get in touch


Consultations can be done face to face or online.

All clients will have an initial questionnaire to complete, which will be followed up by a consultation. A plan will be drawn up together so that it is one that is realistic and achievable.

Nutritional support is included as part of Midlife Reset and Evolve. 

Follow up will be in person, online or via email.

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