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About Ann

I have lived in the beautiful Algarve since 2004, when I left my Corporate life, qualified as a Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist and moved here. In that time I have had the privilege of training & massaging a wonderful and wide-ranging array of clients, from professional footballers, to 82 year olds who want to maintain their strength and mobility and everyone in-between.

In 2011, after practising Yoga for around 25 years,  I went to India to qualify as a Yoga Teacher, and have now been integrating those teachings into my day to day work as well as in my Yoga Classes. 

I am passionate about continuing to remain strong and healthy as we age, age is not a barrier to exercise.  Movement is medicine and as such should be undertaken daily. 

When I am not working I love to be on the golf course, or in the water, surfing and paddleboarding.  My days always start with a walk along the cliffs with my dogs, taking the time to be grateful for where I live and to take in the wonderful nature which surrounds me. 

I believe that life is for living and that we need to make the most of every moment, being grateful and laughing as often as possible.

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My Vision

At Fit2loveLife it is not about quick fixes and 6 packs, it is about being healthy & happy, being Fit to love your Life.   Learning to listen to your body, to nurture and nourish it as it needs. Maintaining strength and mobility as we age is something I am very passionate about, it is a lynchpin of longevity and a healthy life. 

I believe in taking an integrated approach, so we look at our lifestyle as well as our health and fitness, to ensure we cover all the cornerstones of our health. We need to ensure our four foundations are all strong and stable. 


Creating sustainable habits to keep you moving, energised and laughing throughout your life.

My Approach

I am now in my 20th year workin in the fitness industry  and during this time I feel I have really evolved. It is now the time to really integrate all of the different areas that I have gained knowledge and experience so that I can offer clients a way of looking at their overall health and wellbeing , and not just focusing on one area. 

Especially as we age, it is so important to take stock and to look at what we do every day. How we move, strengthen, eat, relax, sleep, breathe and fill our days. 


My experience over the last 20 years and before enables me to provided a very rounded and integrated approach to your health and fitness, and to life events you maybe going through. 

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Ann , trainer, personal trainer



  • MBA (Uni of Northampton)

  • Personal Training & Sports Massage ( Premier)

  • Matwork PIlates

  •  Kettlebell Instructor

  • 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training (Tribe)

  • Thai Massage ( Sunshine School Chaing Mai)

  • BTN Advance Nutrition

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Golf Fit

  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training ( Yoga Bliss Bali)

  • Life Coach

  • Menopause Yoga Teacher Training

  • Menopause for Athletes 

  • Dr Golf - Golf Fitness Cert

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