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About fit2lovelife

I am a  health and fitness coach, using Yoga, Personal Training, Nutrition, Coaching & Massage, to support  health & wellbeing.


I believe that age is not a barrier and we all should embrace a healthy life, full of vibrancy and passion! Exercise is ageless


I’ve been helping people feel great, move well in a way that suits them, be strong, embrace their bodies, and learn to nourish them with the right foods.

All, while taking the time to stretch and relax, and most importantly, to have fun and to live life to the fullest 🤍 

fit2lovelife focus


Moving our bodies daily to ensure they stay mobile, strong, supple, balanced and healthy.  Creating movement patterns that make us feel great.


Nourishing both our mind and body, with nutrient dense food. Allowing our body & mind some quiet time, relaxation and self care.


Doing what makes us happy , creating a life of joy, laughter, wellth. Full of vibrancy & passion. Facing our fears and embracing new opportunities.


Surrounding ourselves with those who support and encourage us,  those who look out for us, those we can laugh & cry with and those we love.

I believe that life is for living, and that we need to make the most of every moment, being grateful and laughing as often as possible.


Fit2lovelife provides classes both online via Zoom and In-Studio in Burgau.

There are Yin yoga classes, to allow you that complete relaxation and deep stretch, Vinyasa Yoga for a gentle flow.

Monday lunchtime is focused on strength, mobility & balance especially aimed at those over 50.  


Tuesday 16th May is the start of the next block of Golf Fitness classes. These run in groups of 4 and so far everyone who joined in class during lockdown has had their handicap reduced. 

To book online please go to the link for classes. 

To come to the studio please message direct, as numbers are limited due to COVID and I need to ensure all the relevant safety measures are taken. 

fit2love your Menopause

As women, we can spend around a third of our life "menopausal". Some of us, only have a few symptoms, however for others, the symptoms can be quite debilitating. Either way it is a phase of our life we should be embracing and looking forward to. Even in this modern age of equality and openess, menopause is often a taboo subject. We may think we just need to put up with it, we could be in denial thinking we don't feel old enough to be transition through menopause, and thatit is the beginning of the end.

Menopause does not just affect women. Every man has a mother, daughter, sister, friend who will go through it. So the more everyone can to learn and talk about menopause, share experiences and grow their awareness , whether male or female, the more the inaccuracies and stereotypes can be left in the past and menopause  embraced with energy and vitality.

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When I started my PT qualification, we were told  that our clients would confide in us and ask for our advice and this is very true. When clients come to me to start training, yoga or for nutrition advice, it is normally because there are things in their life they want to change. I am now formalising all that I have learnt and shared over the last 16+ years to create a coaching package.

Utilising a vast array of skills I have built up over the years, from a business and wellbeing point of view, I now provide clients with coaching programmes using whatever tools are necessary for the individual. For some, it is purely an  impartial ear to listen to, for others it is finding a way to create a better work-life balance. It can be about learning to deal with the different facets of midlife, overcoming the ups and downs of menopause, wanting to create more balance and calm in your life, or wanting a more active and healthier life.  It is an opportunity for you to  uncover what your life path is. 


fit2lovelife, offering the opportunity of living life with energy & vibrancy at any stage of life via personalised, holistic, health & wellbeing plans. 

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