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About Fit2loveLife

I am a health and wellbeing coach, using Yoga, Personal Training, Nutrition & Coaching, to support you on your journey. Integrating all areas of our health and lifestyle so that we can be fit to love our life. 


I believe that age is not a barrier and we all should embrace a healthy life, full of vibrancy and passion! Exercise is ageless


I help people to find a way of integrating health and fitness into their lives. To ensure we stay fit and strong as we age, to keep our bodies moving, to nourish them with the best food, to optimise our lifestyle habits, and to take the time to breathe, stretch and relax.  

 Most importantly, to have fun, to laugh and to live life to the fullest 🤍 

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Work with me

You can work with me on an. individual basis , or come along to one of my Yoga or Golf Fitness Classes.


Whether you want to train once a week or are looking to reset your health and wellbeing there is an option for you , and you do not need to be in Burgau to join in. Everything is also available online. 


My main offerings are listed below so you can read more, but if you would like to chat more , or book a call to discuss further please get in touch 


Midlife , menopause


Fit2loveMidlife is here to empower and support you through the often challenging, confusing, and overwhelming transition into menopause and the next phase of your life. I understand that menopause can bring about a myriad of physical, emotional, and mental changes, and I´m here to help you navigate this journey with confidence and understanding.


Female golfer


Those that know me, know that I am a very keen golfer.  I am also very passionate about treating Golf as a sport, and in doing so ensuring our bodies are in the best shape they can be when we walk onto the first tee.

Using exercise to help us to swing easier, feel stronger and reduce injuries. Not only being healthier and fitter but a good chance handicaps will come down 

Yoga pose, yoga classes

Yoga Classes

Mon 6.00pm Yin Yoga

Tues 9.30am Vinyasa

Wed 9.30am Yin Yoga

Fri 9.30am Vinyasa

Classes are held in the Fit2loveLife Studio in Burgau or you can join in Online via Zoom.

Everyone is welcome to join whether a drop in whilst on holiday or a regular attendee. 

Woman, weight training


We need to stay strong, and keep our bodies mobile especially as we age, and we are never too old to start,  Every client´s training plan is different, and I am here to support and provide accountability to keep training consistently. 

Whether it is training in person, via my app or at the Monday lunchtime class

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Four Foundations of Health & Wellbeing

I believe that health and wellbeing is very much an integrated approach and we should always ensure all of our foundations our strong, as they are all as important as each other. 

  • Sleep is fundamental for our overall health and wellbeing. It boosts our immune system and lowers risk of health problems. 

  • Allows the body time to restore and repair

  • Improves cognitive function and emotional wellbeing. 

  • Helps to maintain a healthy weight. 

  • Mental wellbeing is as important as physical

  • Incorporate meditation, mindfulness and breathwork into our lives. 

  • Creating habits and daily routines you can and want to stick to.

  • Finding your "why" to enable you to keep on your health and fitness journey. 

  • Our bodies need daily movement for our overall health and wellbeing. 

  • Stretch - to enable our muscles to lengthen and to increase / maintain flexibility. 

  • MObility - to keep our joint moving freely so that we can move in a full range of movement. 

  • Strengthen - to build and maintain muscles. 

  • Fuel - our bodies need to be fed food that is nutrient dense.

  • Digest - we need to eat foods that our bodies can digest so we can use the nutrients and energy in the food. 

  • Hydration - is critical to keep our bodies functioning optimally. 

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