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Why train if you play golf

Since Tiger Woods , it has now become the norm for Professional Golfers to go to the gym, and slowly this is filtering down to us amateurs.

I believe that if you are going to make the time to go to the gym, or to train at home and you play golf, then you might as well make your training golf focused , so that not only does your health improve but your golf as well.

But everyone who plays golf should do some form of training. Golf is an athletic sport, we put the body through a lot of stress during the swing. So the more we can do to make the body robust to withstand the pressures of the swing this will help to lessen our chances of injury.

These days you can see a million and one different way to exercise for golf - some of them are dubious to say the least - but if you want to stand on a ball, balancing on one leg whilst trying to swing a heavy weight then feel free ! This is unlikely however to do anything to help your golf improve !

To get fit for golf, it is not much different to getting fit for life - you need to lift weights (the heavier the better), create a strong core, keep the body mobile, especially hips and thoracic spine. You can also add some power, some explosive moves that you can transfer to your golf swing.

By training for golf you are also improving your health and fitness, creating a stronger body. Having a purpose for your training is such a great thing , it allows you to have focus and to create goals. You do not need to have a goal of reducing handicap or increasing your club head speed - maybe you want to continue to play into your 90´s without injury and still being able to hit the ball as you did in your 50s !

The important thing is to get a program tailored for you , for your body, your golf swing and that fits into your lifestyle .

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