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Why it is called a Yoga Practice and not a Yoga Perfect

It is called a practice for a reason, in the same way as in any sport you practise to improve, that is the same in yoga. Yoga Practice refers to the ongoing process of learning and growth that takes place. Yoga is very much a journey rather than an end goal. Along the way as we practise, we deepen our understanding and connection with our own bodies and the world around us.

Whenever we come to our mat, we are doing our “Yoga Practice” not our “Yoga Perfect”. When we start on our yoga journey it can be very overwhelming, but as is the same with anything, the more we practise the easier it becomes. We learn acceptance, knowing when to push our bodies and when not to. Especially as we age, there may be some poses our bodies just can not do due to joint restrictions, but that is absolutely fine. The important thing is we practise with consistency.

If you practise you will see improvement, if you dont you wont. Yoga is a journey, and along the way we will see our flexibility improve, ache and pains can start to disappear, we move with greater ease and feel stronger. We learn to connect with our breath and to quieten the mind. Developing balance in our body as well as awareness, understanding and acceptance in our mind. It is not always huge changes we see, but slowly over time as we practise the changes will start to appear and become more noticeable. Yoga is the same as anything else, when our practice becomes consistent, that is when the habits form and the changes occur.

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