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What is Yoga ?

I often get asked “what is yoga” , yoga has different meanings to different people, and as such that is why there are so many different ways of teaching yoga. There is no right or wrong. I believe everyone needs a bit of Yoga in their lives and it is about finding a way to practise that resonates with you , and feels good for your mind and your body.

I believe that Yoga is about “me” time, it is self care. Allows you to be present on the mat, and live in the present moment. It's not about the past or the future.

Yoga allows your body to move as it needs, easing tension, unwinding and strengthening. It can be challenging, but that's not always the main goal. Remember, it's not your gym mat, it's your yoga mat.

In these busy times, life gets hectic and we all need some space to slow down, breathe and just be. For me the real essence of yoga is connecting with your breath and finding stillness. In that stillness, you can find space in your mind and body.

Yoga is not about becoming a pretzel or trying to force your body into shapes it is uncomfortable with doing.

There is no good or bad in yoga. Just because someone´s body can move in a different way does not mean they are better at yoga. Yoga may appear on the outside, but it happens within. We learn how our bodies can move, how far we can push them, when we need to back off a little, and when we can push a little harder. As we age, our bodies change, and that's okay, our practice changes with us.

Yoga is a lot of things, but it is not about trying to perfect crazy poses and contort your body into pain and discomfort. Nor is it a place to compare yourself to others or compete with them.

Yoga is about loving your body and showing compassion towards it. It's about understanding what feels good and what doesn't, without judgement. It's about finding stillness and creating space within yourself.

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