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This post was prompted by me sharing this pic - getting into a pair of jeans I never ever thought I would , and the comments I received as to how I did it.

Weightloss is not a quick fix. It is more about mindset & habits than training or food. Over the years I have tried to loose weight , especially when I gained a lot during perimenopause ( last pic) but my head was not in the right place to make the new habits stick , and my motivation to train was not there either.

Covid gave us all time to reflect and look inwards and to look at what motivates us and makes us happy within.

Jan 21 I decided to make changes, and to make them stick . Even tho I eat healthy, and am very active I would over eat, portions were too big, snacking too much. I looked at what I did during the day and realised for me, I need to eat most food breakfast and lunch as that is when I need the energy, and I did not need a big meal in the evening,

How and what we eat is so very individual, we should never follow what someone else does, as often it is not right for us. Learning to listen to your body, eat when you are hungry not for the sake of it and eat foods that make you feel good.

My meals now are predominantly made up of vegetables, lots of them , the more the merrier , and then I add my protein to the plate ( generally fish, eggs or pulses) . I never say I am on a diet to lose weight , or think that I am , it is about changing my eating habits so they become the norm. Restricting only causes bingeing or failure in my experience . I also take away temptation , by not having "unhealthy" high calorie foods in the house. I want to feel good so I want what I eat to be nutritious.

The bonus is feeling good gives me the energy to train more, so that helps to maintain the weight and makes me feel stronger both physically and mentally .

Menopause weight gain, is not easy to deal with, but there is light at the end of the tunnel - making small changes that stick can help to get there.

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