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The Importance of Muscle and our Health

When we think about muscle we tend to think about gyms, sports people, 6 packs and biceps. We generally associate muscle with movement. We do not tend to think about muscle and our overall health.

The main function of muscle goes way beyond movement. It is the foundation of metabolism and our suit of amour. If our muscles are healthy we live better. It is often said that muscle holds the key to longevity.

As we age we lose muscle (this starts in our 30s), as well as getting weaker, decreasing mobility, increasing risk of falls. The loss of muscle is also associated with diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Skeletal muscle helps to regulate blood sugar. The stronger and healthier the muscle is the more carbohydrate and fat your body burns, and you are more likely to have lower blood pressure and better cholesterol as well.

It is never too late to start to improve our muscle, and the older we get the more important it is for our overall health that we look after our muscle and help to reverse the decline. It does not mean lifting super heavy weights. It is about starting somewhere and building up your strength . Doing basic bodyweight movements such as squats and press ups these can be done against the wall) will all help to maintain muscle mass. The other important thing is to eat enough protein. Protein is vital to help maintain muscle. It is the one thing that a lot of people do not eat enough of in their day. Protein we are talking about meat, fish, eggs, nuts, pulses etc. For those who are vegan it is super important to ensure you are getting the right amount of protein.

Muscle is key to helping us to keep moving as we get older, to keep us healthy, help to protect us against falls, and reduce risk of diseases. So do not think it is just for “sports” people, everybody should ensure we maintain our muscle for our overall health.

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