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Pyjama Yoga

Starting your own Yoga Practice

It can be quite daunting knowing how to start practising yoga at home. What poses should you do ? Do you follow a class online or through an app , and how to find one that is right for you, as these days there are so many out there !

If you have never done yoga before then you will need to follow something at first so that you have an idea of what to do , but it doesn´t need to be long or complicated. I personally find the longer I teach and practice yoga the more simple my practice becomes. It is not about trying to become a gymnast on a mat, but it is some “me time” and to start the day with much needed stretching, movement, breathing and meditation. It really does set you up for the day both physically and mentally.

It doesn’t need to be fancy. It doesn’t need to be long. It doesn’t need to be in your best matching Yoga outfit. It’s just about moving, connecting with the breath and the mind. 10 mins could be all that you have time for in the morning and that is absolutely fine. The important thing is finding the time for you and your mat. Creating a habit and routine that is sustainable throughout the year. For most of us finding an extra hour several mornings a week is not sustainable long term and that is why now I practise what I call “Pyjama Yoga”.

I do not need to worry about what outfit I am going to wear, or which class to follow, I just get up and go straight to my mat in my pyjamas ! I breathe and observe how my body feels, and then I move as it wants to whether that is quite dynamic poses or more often than not it is a gentle slow flow , allowing the body to open up and focus on the breath. At the end of the practice I sit in silence , observing my breath and just allowing the mind to calm ready for the day. It will take me between 10 - 20 mins depending on how much time I have.

It is not a set structure, and feels lovely and informal and unintimidating. Not trying to be like anyone else, just being me.

If you’re not sure where to start then simply start with a child’s pose, taking the time to observe the breath and to see how the mind and the body is feeling. You can then extend the arms out, stretch the sides and feel you are lengthening the spine. From there, you can start to mobilise the spine, coming onto all 4s and doing some cat/cows, before coming into a downward dog, taking the time to stretch and then to standing at the front of the mat.

I like to do a couple of sun salutations, and then do a few standing poses before coming back down to the mat and then doing a twist and a version of pigeon pose , or another hip release.

I then find a comfortable seated position, spine straight, close my eyes, breathe in and out of the nose and focus my mind on my breath. I will sit here between 3-10 minutes . I always set a timer on my phone so that I can completely relax into it and not wonder about how long I have been.

I am then set and ready for the day . If you can incorporate this into your week, it will not be long before you start to notice a difference. The more you practice , the easier it becomes to find the time and before long it will become a daily practice rather than a couple of times a week.

If you are unsure of where to start here is a short Pajama Yoga Flow for you to follow and to get some ideas of for you your own practice. Click the link here to go to the video

If you want to come along to class then please go to to find out more about my classes.

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