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My Menopause Story

Its World Menopause Day, so here is my story.

I am 54 and 5 years Post Menopausal. I started perimenopause around 43/44, but this coincided with getting divorced , so a lot of the emotions I thought were due to divorce were in hindsight menopausal ones. At the time people would tell me you do not look old enough, as if looks have anything to do with when menopause starts.

Moods, flushes brain fog and weight gain were my main symptoms. All of which became a real problem for me with my work. As a trainer gaining nearly 10kg was not good for business or my mind. Waking up 10 times in a night with flushes, so having no sleep left me with little energy. Mood swings left me feeling very low and tearful which lead to anxiety and a real feeling of imposter syndrome with my work.

I was so tired, with brain fog, constantly feeling "bleugh" so the thought of motivating myself to train was non-existent. I also felt very alone at this time, I was self employed, living alone and not knowing what was going on with my moods.

As a Coach I had to hide it , after all who would pay a trainer who couldn't train, was comfort eating, and spending evenings in tears on the sofa with the dogs ! 10 years ago there was no where near the awareness that there is now about menopause. Eventually after spending an absolute fortune on "natural" remedies and supplements I went to my GP in tears as I could no longer cope.

At this point I started HRT, slowly the fog started to lift, I began to sleep better, my moods lifted, and I had the motivation to train again and to not spend evenings hiding at home.

It is amazing how it becomes a chain reaction. How bit by bit life returns to normal. So for those who are currently aware they are feeling "different" but not sure what it is , check your symptoms - there are over 30 different ones, and don't be afraid to look at replacing your hormones if that works for you.

I have a midlife reset package to look at all areas of your lifestyle, and help to set you back on track to feel in control again.

Please DM or go to website if you want to work with me. You are not alone in this and there is light at the end of the tunnel

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