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My Journey to 5.5

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Some of you may have seen the post on my Social Media , where I talked about the challenge I have set myself over the next 17 months. I do like to set myself challenges and goals, many of which often link to an upcoming birthday.

I have wanted to set some golf goals since I started playing regularly again last April. When I started in April 21, I had a handicap of 15.2 and in my mind, had a goal to get to single figures. Which with the help of Darren my swing coach, it is almost there .

I then decided as I am 55 in August 2023 I would aim for a handicap of 5.5 by the time I am 55.

For those of you who don’t play golf the difference between getting from 15 to 10 and 10 to 5 is massive.To put it in perspective less than 1.5% of women get to a handicap of 5 or less , the average is 26.5 !

One of the things I like about this challenge is that it is going to encompass all the areas from my work. It is not just about playing golf , there are a lot of other factors involved, and I am hoping that those who don't play golf will also gain something from my journey and find things that you can apply to your sport or day to day life.

These are the 6 areas that I will focus on to bring this challenge to fruition …

  • Fitness

    • Mobility - for me focus especially on shoulders, hips and rotation.

    • Strength - to provide stability in the swing and help increase swing speed

    • Power - the golf swing is an explosive movement so power is essential to maximize this.

    • Recovery - whether that is massage, relaxation, stretching

  • Golf Swing

    • Working on technique to get a more consistent and technically “better” swing. I have a swing that has a lot of "quirks" and to be able to find that consistency needed to reduce my handicap I will be making more swing changes to enable me to maximize consistency and distance.

  • Putting and Short Game

    • Technique & practice , this is where a lot of shots can be gained !

  • Mental Side

    • Yoga plays a big part in this , more so almost than the flexibility side of Yoga. Acceptance & staying in the present moment are especially key for the mental side of golf.

    • Meditation

    • Breathwork

  • Playing

    • Practice on the course

    • Playing more competitive golf

    • Course Management

    • Having fun, laughing and enjoying the game

  • Nutrition

    • Both on and off the course

    • Being fuelled optimally on the course

    • Correct fueling for training

    • Eating well to maintain health, general energy levels, mood and for overall feeling of awesomeness !

Throughout the next 17 months I will delve deeper into these different areas, explaining what their purpose is in my goal and how they are utilised.

This really is no different to how we should approach our general health and wellbeing - with the exception of the technical side of golf , the rest are all areas that we should always be working on.

I set up fit2lovelife as I wanted it to be about integrating health and wellbeing into everyday so that you can be “fit to love your life”. Not just having it as something that happened in the gym and was accompanied by protein shakes and strict diets. I hope that by sharing my journey I want to be able to share how it is incorporated into my life.

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