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Journey to 5.5 - 6 months to go


have 6 months left to achieve my 5.5 target . So it is a good to reflect on where I am

The one positive about Covid has been the ability to have coaches that do not live near by, and that has been very fundamental for me.

I often post about @drgolfglobal and how Zach has been supporting my golf journey keeping me accountable , and ensuring consistency in my training.

I was very lucky that one of my clients, introduced me to my golf coach @scottcranfieldgolf. Having lessons from someone who once taught Seve is incredibly inspiring. The changes he is making to my swing, with the most simplest of swing thoughts. To be a swing that is more about feel & staying connected, has changed my swing quite significantly. I am excited to see once these changes bed in , where I can get my swing to be !

The latest change I have made is to my putting. Why I have never had a putting lesson before I do not know.(If you haven't I highly recommend that you do) The ability to have lessons online with @chasedavisgolf is another post covid bonus and to be able to get feedback from Chase on a regular basis is brilliant.

So where is my handicap . Currently it is 8.8, so I am 3.3 from target. It has not moved in the last couple of months, but I feel that all the work I am putting in now with my putting and swing, will start showing on the course. I know have a much better understanding as to where my swing should be, and my gym training is then helping to maximize this to create more power. My putting is a work in progress, but I am super happy with the changes made - and with time and practice this will have a big impact .

When you make changes to a swing you have had for over 20 years, it seems much harder that starting from the beginning. I am confident I have all the right support in place to help me get to my goal.

Whatever your goal it is so important to find those who can help you and support you on your journey.

Lets see what the next 6 months brings, but, if by 23rd Aug I do not make the elusive 5.5 , I am confident that it will happen at some point , and having purpose for my practice and training is such a positive thing for my day to day life.

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