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I came across a video from last April - 1st round post lockdown and beginning of me getting back into golf. It was really interesting to watch to see how my swing had progressed over the year , and also to notice how different I looked !

It made me think about how both changing golf swing and changing body shape are both a long term journey. Post lockdown I know I wasn’t the only one to emerge a few kgs heavier - looking back on my weight the chart looks like a mountain as it climbed during the last year but then came back down to lower than it started .

Quick fixes never work - I know I have tried to do that with my golf swing in the past, going for a lesson when it’s not going well , but never changing the fundamentals . After this video I started having lessons with @darrenmdevlin - and whilst I am not where I ( or he) wants to be yet … I know it’s going to take time to change quirks in my swing that have been there for 20 years ! And something must be working as I’ve gone from 15.2 to 9.8 currently .

“Diet” is the same - a quick fix to drop a bit of weight is possible , but the old habits creep back and before you know it the weight is back .

To make long term changes you have to change fundamentals, check portion size, start each plate with loads of veggies and then add your protein & carbs. Prioritising sleep is vital , if we get enough sleep we are more likely to stay motivated , to do our exercise and to eat well.

Setting goals is also key , and since I have set my new goal to get to hcp 5.5 it has given me renewed motivation to make more time to train and to ensure I always have a fridge full of nutritious and healthy food so that I don’t have any excuses for not eating well.

With any journey you need to have patience , to accept when it doesn’t go to plan , but know that with practice it will get there ! Get the fundamentals in place and then anything is possible.

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