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End of August signifies the end of the summer, and returning back to more “normal” routines. Even for those of us not at school age, or with children in school, September brings that opportunity to create new habits, and get back into routines that might have dipped during the summer, and feel we are back in balance after the holidays.

It is quite apt that I have been thinking for a while about the direction of my business, and where I want it to go, so starting to make those changes and plan for them, Sept seems the right time to do it.

It feels that now is the time for me to integrate everything I’ve learnt over the last 18 years in the fitness Industry, to incorporate my corporate existence before the Algarve and everything I’ve experienced in life over the last 54 years.

So over the coming days / weeks you will see changes. A new / refreshed logo and a new branding to reflect where this business journey of mine is evolving to. Taking a much more integrated approach not segmenting areas of our life and health and fitness but looking at it as a whole.

Evolve really is the right word for this and for those who work with me know that I don’t believe in quick fixes or fads. When we make changes to our health and life we need to make them stick, and not to be sticking plasters.

We need to evolve, so when we look back we realise how far we’ve come on our journey and realise that we don’t even think that we’re on a “diet” or we “have to” do some exercise, because it’s all integrated into my day-to-day lives and becomes part of who we are.

That’s why “evolve” is such an integrated part of where I’m going with my business. It’s how I believe everyone’s journey with health and well-being should be. We are all unique, individual, have different histories and we all have different goals and different passions. There is definitely not one size fits all when it comes to health and wellbeing, and it is not a race to the finish line.

Join me on this journey so that you too can evolve to be” fit to live your life”. And to live it with vibrancy and passion to get the most out of every day

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