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Acceptance - for Happier Healthier Life

"Acceptance is not a weekness, it is a strength that allows us to grow and evolve"

- Tony Robbins

This is something that is often spoken about especially in Yoga and when playing golf . It is also something I was talking about earlier with my cousin & her husband who are staying in Burgau at the moment. 

Acceptance is often thought of as being giving in, not pushing yourself or putting up with something,  but actually I believe it is a two fold thing.  

It is learning when not to waste energy on something that you can not change , and accepting the way things are and learning to be OK with that. 

From a Yoga point of view, we often talk about acceptance, and for me that is learning what your body can and can not do , and especially as we get older , and so other factors can come into this such as arthritis , we learn to accept what our body can do today , not trying to force it into doing something that it could do 20 years ago , but it is also not to be throught of as an excuse and a reason for not trying. I believe there is a line between the 2, and the more we listen to our body and learn what it can and can not do then we know how far we can push, and learn not to think of this in a negative way, but always be grateful for what our body can do. 

In Golf acceptance is a huge part of the mental side of the game.  When we get a bad bounce, there is nothing that can be done , and wasting energy on the negativity of bad bounce, is only detrimental to your game.  Likewise we have to accept our own abilities and limitations, and not expect suddenly we can create Tiger like shots from awful lies, but that we accept what we can do and play within that, 

We spend so much of our lives being tired, and trying to deal with everything in our day to day lives, that learning what to use our energy on can be so helpful.  When we get angry or negative about situations that all adds to depleting our energy , and while it is not about being a pushover - it is about learning when to use energy where it can make a difference , and by allowing ourselves to be less angry and negative, leads to a happier healthier life . 

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