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Why is walking something we should all do more of?

Our bodies were built for movement, and it is so important that we continue to move, especially as we get older.

Walking is a great way to get movement in, it does not cost anything to do, it can be done anywhere and is something that everyone can do. It can be done at your own pace and the length of time you walk can slowly be increased.

Walking is often overlooked as a form of exercise, as we think we need to do something that is harder, faster or more complicated! But the simple fact is, walking is awesome.

There are so many benefits associated with walking besides the physical activity benefits.

Walking is a way of slowing everything down. In our fast paced lives it can give us the time to breathe, to be in silence, to think, to connect with nature. It can also be a time we catch up with friends and have a chat as well as being a means of getting from A to B.

One of the best things about being a dog owner is that you have to walk every day, and generally this is done in nature, whether it is in the countryside or in a green space in a city, so you are getting a double hit of goodness.

There have been many studies done on longevity and walking, and just getting as little as 30 minutes walk in every day has massive benefits to your health.

Starting the day with a walk can be a great way to get the day going in the right direction. Allowing the body to move after sleeping, using the time to think about the day ahead, to think through any problems that you have, enjoying the silence and the meditative feeling we get from just allowing our bodies to move and breath in time with each other, setting the rhythm for the day.

If you want to get a little bit more movement in whilst you walk, then why not do a few lunges, squats, standing yoga poses or anything that makes your body feel good. Listening to what your body needs is so important and learning to moving and stretch it as it needs will help to keep it moving freely.

If we are having a busy and stressful day, taking time out to get a quick blast of fresh air and nature by having a walk around the block, or to the shops and back, can help us to reset and take a few moments of calm.

Walking is also a great way to practice gratitude, to be grateful for our bodies ability to walk and move.

So this month, seeing as it is National Walking Month, I challenge you all to get walking and increase your steps, even if only by a little. You'll soon see what impact such a small, simple change can do and the wonderful benefits it can give you.

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