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Menopause and Midlife

Menopause is one of those things as women we know will arrive at some point, when we are “older”. Some of us will hardly notice its arrival, but for others it can bring a whole host of symptoms, some of which can be quite debilitating, and ones which we do not necessarily always associate with menopause. 

When these changes start to occur, it can be hard to know where to turn to, and what we can do about them, and these are often coupled with feelings of denial, as we think we are not “old enough”.  These changes can start to occur in our mid 40s and perimenopause can last up to 10 years. There are around 37 symptoms associated with menopause including hot flushes, disturbed sleep, anxiety, brain fog, joint pain and weight gain.

We will find that what worked in our 20s & 30s with regards to diet and exercise doesn't always work in our 40s & 50s, so we need to make changes to help us as we transition into what is called in Ayurveda , our “Second Spring”. 

Weight training becomes even more important, to help to prevent osteoporosis, and to counter the effects declining levels of estrogen has on our ability to build muscle.  Our bodies can become more insulin sensitive so we need to be aware of how we eat, and we may find some foods not agreeing with us anymore.  Sleep can be hard to come by, and with all these changes occurring as our hormone levels fluctuate, we need to give ourselves time and space to help us understand and deal with the outcomes of these changes. 

After going through quite a difficult time in perimenopause, I feel it is so important we talk more about this. That we share and learn from each other, so we can embrace this next stage of our lives. 

In March I will be launching the Fit2loveMidlife App which will provide Health, Fitness & Wellbeing support for women in all stages of Menopause. 

If you want to work with me, or find out about the app, you can get in touch and read more at 

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