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Where did Mo-Jo Go by Sarah Wyld

This poem was written by Sarah and she shared it in our workshop today. She has very kindly allowed me to share it, as it is absolutely fabulous. Enjoy

My Mojo has now become Jo-Mo!

Everything's backwards for me,

Since Menopause struck at age 42

All of my parts disagree!

My brain won't talk to my body,

My body just ignores my brain.

I ache and groan from head to toe,

My every movement a strain.

One night I'll sleep too little,

The next I'll be sleeping too much.

Its like all the gears are stuck in reverse

And somehow I've broken my clutch!

The fog in my head's a real challenge

Can't tell my ups from my downs

I used to be all sunshine and smiles

But now it's all wrinkles and frowns

And where the heck did this come from? The wings! The thighs! The belly!

There is sagging on my back, of all places

And the ample bust is now jelly!

No one ever warns you about this bit!

After monthlies and childbirth and such!

Just when you thought it was safe to go out

There's a new female torture in touch

Oh Mojo! I miss having you with me

You gave me the strength to shine

No hurdle was ever to high to jump

When Mojo was towing the line

But now Jo-mo has caused my erosion

what can I look forward to now?

I'm dragging around this new alien form

And I feel like an ugly old sow

And if I get any more headaches

I swear, I'll just chop off my head!

I'm sure the old man thinks I'm making it up

So I'll get peace & quiet in bed.

And the snoring has gone from bad to worse

Since sweet youth has deserted us

That's me I mean, not him, by the way

So now separate beds seem a plus

Oh when will it end, when will light return

To a sense of oneself and normality

OR! is it time to wave Mo-Jo goodbye

And embrace this whole new reality

Maybe now its time to address stuff,

Fitness & Nutrition Perhaps?

See what can help this new Jo-Mo life

By preventing a total collapse

Then a marvellous thing started happening

When I joined a new yoga clan

I found solidarity with others like me

All floundering mid life, with no plan

So now we compare notes and chatter

About how cruel our Jo-Mo can be

But a problem shared becomes less, so they say

And I'm finally returning to Me!!

She isn't too far away you know girls,

Just resting beneath the sur-face

Biding her time til she jumps back to life

To rejoin our super woman race!!

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