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Where did Mo-Jo Go by Sarah Wyld

This poem was written by Sarah and she shared it in our workshop today. She has very kindly allowed me to share it, as it is absolutely fabulous. Enjoy

My Mojo has now become Jo-Mo!

Everything's backwards for me,

Since Menopause struck at age 42

All of my parts disagree!

My brain won't talk to my body,

My body just ignores my brain.

I ache and groan from head to toe,

My every movement a strain.

One night I'll sleep too little,

The next I'll be sleeping too much.

Its like all the gears are stuck in reverse

And somehow I've broken my clutch!

The fog in my head's a real challenge

Can't tell my ups from my downs

I used to be all sunshine and smiles

But now it's all wrinkles and frowns