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Turning 52

This is me, unashamedly , unapologetically 52.

Turning 50, was a strange one , it wasnt so much that I had hit the big 5 0, for me it was a reminder that our health and happiness are paramount, hitting an age that was older than my mum reached , was quite tough, but it was also a reminder not to waste my life, to make the most of every day and to be as healthy and active as you can be.

Today turning 52 I am fully embracing my age , after suffering for I think around 6 years with perimenopause, I now have happily balanced hormones (thanks HRT🙏) which means I have energy back in my life, I do not suffer from anxiety & feeling down and unmotivated that plagued my late 40s, and can continue to do what I love to do.

Most importantly I have learnt to be happy in my own skin. I would be lying if I said I never have a “god I look fat and awful day “ but these now are very few and only last a short while before I forget about it !

Embracing our “midlife” is about loving every lump, and bump and roll ! We have spent a lot of years gaining the character that makes us individual and needs to be embraced.

The most important thing as we age is to have vibrancy and a love for life, to eat foods that give us nourishment and energy, to move our body, stretch and be active every single day . It is about saying no to things you don’t want to do , and using the time we have to do the things we do want to do , those that bring a smile to our face , and to spend time in the company of others who make us laugh out loud .

Today that is exactly what I plan to do , starting the day with a sunrise SUP, hopefully find some lovely little party waves this afternoon, and chill on the beach with friends and a beer celebrating how lucky we are to have our lives, our health and our friends & family .





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