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Reset your Fitness Routine.

September is the best month to reset your fitness & healthy lifestyle routine. After the business of the summer, holidays, often socialising more, juggling children and work. September is an opportunity to take back some control, have more time for “you”, set goals and create healthy routines.

  • The weather is better than January, which makes us feel more energetic and motivated. We can be generally more active by spending time outdoors.

  • September is a time to get back to routines after the summer, and as we start this routine we can incorporate our exercise into this routine. It is essential we plan when we are going to exercise. Whether it is going to the gym, walking, playing padel, golf, going for a swim we need to schedule it into our diaries and stick to it ! Create those new habits.

  • It is only 16 weeks until Christmas , so this is long enough for new habits to stick, but also gives you the opportunity to set some goals within this period. Make sure the goals are not unrealistic. It can start off with aiming to exercise 2 times a week, and then build this up over the weeks. Those that start off going from not doing much to exercising all the time, are more likely for the habit not to stick long term.

  • Make small changes to your diet. Summer can be a time when we are very social eating and drinking . So now is a time to have a look at our diet and make small changes. The most effective way to change your diet is to gradually swap out foods we know we shouldn't eat for those that are healthier and nutrient dense.

  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night , this is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Reset routines in September, make small changes each week. By the time January comes you won't need to set a resolution as you will have created fitness habits that have stuck and will be part of your day to day life.

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