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My promise to myself for 2023

Dear Body, I promise to look after you as well as I can, to feed you, move, stretch and strengthen you. Allow you times of rest and relaxation, provide you with joy and happiness. Keep you hydrated, and show kindness and love to you. I promise to do all these things as often as I can each week. Some days it may not happen, but there will not be a week that goes by where the majority of the days I do not keep my promise.

I promise to provide you with the foods that you need, foods that provide nutritional nourishment, foods that make you feel good, foods that allow you to give me energy and vitality. I will not deprive you of food groups, nor starve you , I will not force a diet on you. I will ensure that I keep your vitamin and mineral levels topped up, I will provide you with the protein you need to enable you to build and repair muscles and bones to make hormones and enzymes that I need and to provide energy. I will provide you with carbohydrates to give you energy and to provide fuel for my brain, kidneys, heart muscles and central nervous system. I will provide you with the dietary fat you need to give me energy, to support cell function, to protect my organs, produce hormones and to assist with absorbing nutrients.

I will keep you hydrated , I know at times I forget when I get busy or as it gets colder but I will set myself reminders to ensure I drink enough water throughout the day.

I promise to move and stretch you, easing out those tight spots and niggles before they cause you pain. To continue to get stronger in the gym so that my muscles and bones can be as strong as they can be to support you. I know as I age this needs to be a priority, and I will continue to make it so.

I promise to keep moving during the day, and I will start each day on my yoga mat , allowing me to ease the body into the day, and to allow the mind to start each day in a place of calmness and peace. Spending some time in stillness , watching the breath and calming the mind. Connecting with the breath, to provide the vitality and energy you need from it.

I will greet each day with gratitude, thinking about those things that give me joy, coming up with ways to get over obstructions that might appear, to find the positive when sometimes it is hard to. To appreciate the small things and to laugh every day. To spend time every day in nature, to allow it to nourish and nurture me, to ground me, to energise me and to allow me time to reflect and grow.

I won’t allow work to dictate every hour of my day. I will be productive in those times that I allow for work, and I will make the time to switch off and relax , to make time for sharing laughter with friends, to have fun, to be spontaneous and not to plan every moment of every day !

Most of all I promise to be happy in my own skin, to love myself, to be content, to be authentic. To continue to do what I believe in, to help others in reaching their goals and finding their paths. To continue to evolve and to be me and to continue to allow you to support me on my journey through life enabling me to be fit to love my life.

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