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Menopause Toolkit - enabling you to be Fit2loveMidlife.

Mon 29th Jan sees the launch of a new 4 week program all about Menopause and how to build your Menopause "toolkit" 

I have created this, as I want to be able to help and empower women as we go through what can be a very overwhelming, confusing and challenging time.

We all experience Menopause differently, so we each need our own unique toolkit and plan to help us navigate this journey so that we can feel our best for the years ahead. 

We need to look at our foundations , and see how they can be changed as we need them. Different symptoms will require different solutions, However we can all benefit from revisiting the foundations, and ensuring they are in place . These foundations are not based on any faddy trends but just basic simple ways that we can live our lives. As you know I am not a fan of quick fixes, I believe they cause more problems than they solve and do not get to the root cause of what needs changing.

The main foundations and areas that we look into are :

🌟Food & Nutrition

🌟Movement & Exercise


🌟Emotional Wellbeing

There are around 37 different symptoms , some of which can be helped by making changes to our foundations . Some changes we may not want to make, but we need to be aware of what helps and what doesn´t so that we can make our own decisions as to what fits in with our day to day lives.

How we used to exercise in our 20s and 30's does not always work for us in our 40s and 50s, so we need to understand how the changes in our hormones affect how we exercise.

How we eat might need to be tweaked to take into account the hormones changes, and some of the symptoms are related to digestion so that might change the way we eat. Certain foods and drinks can trigger symptoms so having awareness of that is very important to assist in our decision making.

For those who are at the very beginning of menopause. being able to start to make changes before you are the full flow of menopause can help to alleviate symptoms and offset some of the issues that a decline in hormones creates .

It is so good that over the last 10 years , and especially the last 5 years there has been more discussion and awareness about menopause, so that those in their early mid 40s can start to prepare, rather than thinking that menopause is something that happens in your 50s . Perimenopause can start 10 years before your periods stop, so for some of us that is early 40s. Looking back now I think I started around 42/43 , but the only people I knew that talked about menopause were in their 50s so it never occurred to me that is what I was going through, until the hot flushes hit me with a vengeance ! I) look back now and wonder how different my mid 40s would have been if I had known and had the help that is available now. This is one of the reasons I want to help others , and to make the discussion about Menopause something that is approached not with fear , and denial but embraced as the next chapter of our life, our "Second Spring" and a time we can head out in to the world, being proud of who we are , and being our true authentic selves - as menopause definitely gives you a bit of a f**k it attitude lets get out there and embrace Midlife as this wonderful opportunity , and be Fit to love Midlife .

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