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Mental Wellbeing is a very important part of Menopause.   As we transition through Menopause it can have varying different affects on our mental health, both through the physical hormonal changes and through us adapting to this new stage in our life. With our current pandemic situation, we not only have to deal with the hormonal changes but also the anxiety, and stress of lockdown and then changes that brings to our lives. This month Dr Susana Penuelas, Psycotherapist, is going to talk to us during our workshop . So we can think about how we can use this period, this transition to genuinely connect with ourselves and others , realise needs ( own and in our relationships) and make changes to fulfill them . We shall also look at how Yoga can assist us in this, and we will go through a flow that enables us connect with ourselves, to give ourselves the space to process all the changes, and to provide us with tools to help when we need them.

Menopause & Mental Wellbeing Workshop Feb 6th

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