Why Personal Training

Personal Training is just that it is personal/individual. It is not the preserve of the young or the fit, it is for everybody.

At fit2lovelife a Personal Training Session can incorporate anything from Yoga to throwing around heavy kettlebells and everything in-between.

A Personal Trainer will keep you motivated and ensure that the sessions are designed for you to get the most out of them, whatever your end goal is.

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Sports Specific Training

Whatever sport you play, you can target your training so that it benefits your sport.  Whether it is Tennis, Golf, Surfing, SUP, Cycling or Running a well designed training plan can help you to get the most from your sport.

I have a particular interest in Golf Fitness, being a keen golfer and a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Coach, and I love to help people to get their body to move to enable them to get their handicaps down!

Online or In-Studio

All training can be done either Instudio or via Zoom.

The fit2lovelife gym is in Burgau, and is a fully equipped gym.

For Zoom training this will be done to maximise the equipment that you have available to you.


Importance of Training as we Age

Age is not a barrier to training. The vast majority of fit2lovelife clients are between 40-75.  As we age it is even more important to keep our bodies strong and supple. Ensuring we keep them moving and stretched. Maintaining our muscle mass, keeping our core strong, our balance and moving our joints are crucial to ensure we can move well as we age.