Why Golf Fitness Training

These days every player on Tour will spend time in the gym, using that as an opportunity to work on their game.  Every time we swing a golf club our muscles work in the same way as a 60m sprinter, but we would never sprint without warming up or preparing our body for it. Yet we will often walk out on to a golf course without preparing our body and expecting it to move as we see the pros do.  

By creating a mobile & flexible base, having a strong foundation, building explosive power, working on our weaker areas, it helps us to play better golf and to continue to play for a long time.


Golf Fitness Classes Online

Everyone needs to work on their flexibility and mobility, but so often this gets avoided. During lockdown this is the perfect opportunity to work on this much needed area. 

The next block of 4 classes starts on  on Tuesday 16th Feb  live on Zoom & recorded. (click button below to book)


The classes will go through a warm up that can be done on the golf course , as well as working on mobility & flexibility, strength and power to help to increase swing speed, get more rotation, move more freely and play pain free, 

The Videos will all be available after each class so if you can not make it live they will be there to view, and you will be able to go back and view them as many times as you want. 

This video was from the Facebook live session to give you an idea of what we will cover. 


Titleist Performance Institute

In 2016 I went to The Belfry to complete my first TPI certificate. To be able to learn surrounded both by fellow trainers and also golf pros was a fantastic experience. 

During 2021 I will be completing the next level of their certification.  To be able to learn from some of the best in the industry is so important to me, and to always be continuing to improve my knowledge and understanding so that I can help all golfers to enjoy their game, pain free and scoring well 

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About Ann 

I have been playing golf for around 20 years and before I was a PT I started to understand that the more I trained in the gym, the better my game was and the futher I hit the ball !  When I became a PT and moved to the Algarve the link between improving my game and fitness became even more apparent and it was an integral part in reaching single figures, as well as having lots of time to practice! 

These days I don´t play as much, and my handicap is creeping up, but golf will always be a big part of my life. 

My approach to golf fitness has changed over the years, completing my TPI in 2016 gave me a greater understanding, and spending time combining all the different areas to come up with a more holistic approach to golf fitness.  It is so much more than just creating rotation, lifting heavy, or balancing on stability balls whilst swinging a club.  It is about ensuring the body functions on all levels, the mobility & flexibility is key, that provides the base on which strength and power can be built, but we also need to look at how we fuel the body, keeping our nutrition right to ensure energy for our 18th drive is the same as on our 1st drive, and to see how we breath and focus the mind , so yoga also is a key component.   This is done on an individual basis, as we are all unique , so it is important to make sure we do what our body needs and not what anyone else's does. 

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