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A 6 week Individual Programme which can be done online or in person.  

By working with me,  we can work through this transformative stage in your life with energy and vibrancy, allowing you to be fit to continue to love your life. Providing you with the tools to help you navigate the changes that occur during menopause. 

Through personal experience , I know that with a specific, personalised and adaptable fitness and nutrition plan the journey through your menopause can be made much easier, no matter what age or stage you are at.. Menopause is an individual journey, it affects us all differently,

During the reset you will have

  • Weekly catch up call. 

  • Training plan to follow to do at home or your local gym, based on the type of exercise that is best for you dependent of stage of menopause. 

  • We will look at nutritional needs during menopause and create a personal nutritional plan. 

  • Integrating Yoga / Meditation / Relaxation into your lifestyle

  • Look at lifestyle habits that can be exacerbating symptoms

You will receive an Workbook , which will have lots of information about Menopause, nutrition. training , lifestyle etc As well as journalling, goal setting and planning.

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Monthly Plan

Personal Training is just that it is personal/individual. It is not the preserve of the young or the fit, it is for everybody. 

At Fit2loveLife a Personal Training Session can incorporate anything from Yoga to throwing around heavy kettlebells and everything in-between. 

A Personal Trainer will keep you motivated, check your technique and ensure that the sessions are designed for you to get the most out of them, whatever your end goal is.

You may want a trainer with you every time you train, or you might just want the accountability and someone to plan your programs - there are options for both . 

Training Options

1hr Gym Session  €40

Monthly Plan  - 1hr instudio or Zoom and individual monthly training plan delivered via App for you to follow for the month. With weekly check ins and accountability. A new plan each month.

 €60 for 1st month and then €40 a month.


My classes are very much open to everyone; to those who are new to Yoga and those who have been practising a while. The most important thing is not whether you can touch your toes, it is about turning up on your mat

I teach a lovely super stretchy and chilled Yin class, and a more dynamic Vinyasa class.  My classes are very inclusive no matter your yoga experience.  

Classes are held at my studio and are also available to join in online.

Classes are €10 or blocks are available for online and instudio. 



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