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love midlife retreats

Love midlife retreats are aimed at women in their midlife, who want to have fun and adventure, with women of similar age .  

It is an opportunity to try new sports, to take some time out for yourself, to enable you to reflect, rejuvenate and relax. To spend time in nature and by the ocean. 

I decided to start to run retreats, as I found that whenever I went away surfing, I was normally the oldest woman there, and sometimes when you are trying something for the first time, or you are still not too sure about its you find you are surrounded by 20 year olds, who tell you that you are the same age as their mum, and they don't seem to have that anxiety, fear  thing that seems to get worse as you get older, especially once you hit menopause ! 

The retreat will give you the opportunity to go Stand Up Paddleboarding, Mountain Biking and Surfing. To participate in the activities with a group of like minded women , all supporting and encouraging each other. 

When & What is Menopause

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Stressed Woman

Menopause Symptoms

There are at least 34 symptoms of Menopause, bit for the majority of us we only think of the common ones such as :

  • Hot Flushes

  • Night Sweats

  • Irregular Periods

  • Loss of Libido

Other symptoms incude :

fit2love your menopause

By working with fit2lovelife you can work through this transformative stage in your life with energy and vibrancy, allowing you to be fit to continue to love your life.

Through personal experience , I know that with a specific, personalised and adaptable fitness and nutrition plan the journey through your menopause can be made much easier, no matter what age or stage you are at.

There are weekly Menopause Yoga Classes and Monthly Workshops.

I also offer one to one coaching, that can incorporate Personal Training, Yoga, Nutrition, Coaching dependant on what you want.  Menopause is an individual journey, it affects us all differently, so if you would like to talk further to work out the best options for you then please contact me to discuss further.

Healthy Food

Menopause & Nutrition

Menopause is a time when we need to take a bit more care with our diet.  Often we need to make changes to how and what we eat to help us managed the symptoms. 

Eating a diet rich in green leafy vegetables, foods that are as natural as possible and not over processed, and ensuring we drink enough water will all help to reduce symptoms and to ensure we feel full of energy. 

World Menopause Day

Join Dr Carmen and I for a coffee and a chat on all things Menopause.

Due to Covid restrictions we are taking this online, but that means you can join in from anywhere in the world .

We will spend an hour chatting about our experiences, symptoms, sharing what worked what makes symptoms worse and having Dr Carmen there to provide the facts as there are so many myths out there surrounding Menopause, HRT and other treatments. 

To join in click the link below to send an email to register and the zoom link will be sent out the day before the event. 

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