What is Coaching

When I started my PT qualification,we were told that our clients would confide in us and ask our advice and this is very true. When clients come to me to start training, yoga or for nutrition advice, it is normally because there are things in their life they want to change. I am now formalising all that I have learnt and shared over the last 16+ years to create a coaching package.

Utilising a vast array of skills I have built up over the years, from a business and wellbeing point of view, I now provide clients with coaching programmes using whatever tools are necessary for the individual. For some it is purely an impartial ear to listen to, for others it is finding a way to create a better work life balance. It can be about learning to deal with the different facets of midlife, overcoming the ups and downs of menopause, wanting to create more balance and calm in your life, or wanting a more active and healthy life.  It is an opportunity for you to  uncover what your life path is. 


What can Coaching help with ?


Helping you to find balance in your life, creating time for you , whilst juggling your other commitments.


Working with you to make the changes you wish to make to enable you to be healthy, happy and content.


Maybe you are struggling with your purpose or role in life. As our responsibilities change sometimes we need some help to find our path.


Having someone who is impartial and who can listen to help you in your journey.

"Ann is great at helping you to make changes which have a really positive impact, she is so easy to talk to and understands, giving you pointers so that you can find what matters to you and your direction " 


Why work with me

Testimonial from Amber Howard

I have regularly worked with Ann since 2012. The benefits she brings to every client's life are hard to pigeon hole - she is so much more than a great personal trainer, yoga teacher, nutritionist or sports massage therapist. She offers a holistic approach to each person that brings together all of her skills and touches every aspect of your life. She is more of a life coach than anything else because she offers such a wide range of support. I had a particularly difficult few years during our working relationship and Ann was there to help me with my eating, exercise regime, sports massages and confidential conversations that helped me to get my life back on track.


Ann has got a lot of life experience herself. Her mother died when she was 20, her mother aged only 49, and her father died 10 years later. She had her first business (a vegetarian restaurant) at the age of 22. She was then a trailblazer in the corporate world completing an MBA. After years in the rat race her and her husband decided they needed a major life change so she re-trained and they moved to Portugal.  Sadly they divorced shortly afterwards but Ann stuck to her new lifestyle and stayed in the Algarve. Ann continues to build on her strengths and is now branching into new areas (including a specialism in menopause). I have always found her non-judgemental and has a positive approach and that's why I think you will benefit from working with Ann but you don't need to take my word for it.

What can you expect