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In the UK, MacMillan organize a “Go Sober for October” fundraising campaign.

This is a great incentive to allow the body a rest from alcohol.

After a busy summer in the Algarve, it sometimes feels as if your body needs to take a break. Some of the benefits from a month of going alcohol free include:

»    Increased energy levels

»    Waking up with a clear head and no hangovers

»    Better sleep and less snoring

»    Can help weight loss if the alcohol is not substituted by sugary drinks.

»    Clearer skin

»    Feeling healthier and more motivated

»    Saving money

»    Sense of achievement

Allows the liver to start repair the damage from previous alcohol consumption, which will then make it more efficient. When the liver works more efficiently it also helps to metabolize fat better, so the less toxic your liver is, the better it will be at fat metabolism.

So why not give it a go, get a group of friends together so that you can do it together, and then either do it for MacMillan or pick a more local charity.

With your renewed energy and motivation it is also a great time to start to do something you have been meaning to do for ages.... start running, cycling, swimming (it’s not too late to enter the Martinhal Triathlon either by yourself or with your friends in a team) With no more hangovers, you will be able to get up, enjoy the beautiful autumn mornings and go outside to exercise, reaping the benefits of a healthier mind and body.

Ann is a trainer, yoga teacher, sports massage therapist and you can call her on: 913202621, email:

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