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The similarities between writing blog posts and having a yoga practice


There are many things that I wish I could develop into regular occurrences, two of those being a consistent and regular yoga self practice and the other writing blog posts.  For the vast majority of the time neither of them tend to happen.  At 1am as I was lying in bed trying to sleep, whilst on a yoga course in India the similarities in the 2 areas and the wrong way I have approached them in the past dawned on both.
For both instances I was setting myself up to fail, for the yoga I was thinking I had to practice at least 5 mornings a week, and my blog posts had to be a regular and a minimum of a weekly occurrence.  The problem with both of those is it is completely unrealistic and a timetable that may at best last 3 weeks and at worst 3 days. 
In India it is easy to practice 6 mornings a week and write a blog post as it is not real life, so there are no time thieves to take away the time you put aside for tasks.
One of my take home actions is that when I get home I will write blog posts when I have time, it maybe twice a week it may be every two months but how ever frequent it is , it is better than not writing and so I will not "fail" at my task.   Likewise with my yoga practice, in reality I have 3 dogs who will always try to come before my own down dog, and work commitments that mean the alarm has to go early enough, without adding extra pressure to get up super early to practice, or clock watching when out with friends relaxing and socialising thinking you have to go to get up to practice.  The falsify being we need to sleep, we need to work and we need to socialise, the trick is to get the balance and to be able to set ourselves goals that are achievable.  We don't need to feel guilty or beat ourselves up thinking we are not proper "yogis" or that a blog post has to be weekly so any less than that is worthless, the truth is any amount of time we spend on either is better than none at all.
This can be applied to anything we want to do in life, we all lead very busy lives surrounded by time thieves so the more we can learn to just do what we can do, not worry about whether  it is enough, the sooner those tasks become habits and the time we spend slowly creeps up.  Before you know it you will look back and realise you do the tasks with the regularity you originally wanted it, but by starting slowly slowly with no pressure, we have managed to slot these tasks into our daily lives.
This can apply to anything, so start small and really realistic, not an ideal realistic view and see what you can start to do . 
Lots more to come, mad ramblings, pictures food, nutrition, yoga, exercise, life musings ...frequency undecided, no pressure no deadlines so no failing, if you enjoy it share... Might encourage next blog sooner !! 

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